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My first project in the class “Sculpture”. 
The teacher asked us to build anything that came up in our mind when hearing the word “Cirkus”. The material that we were alowed to use was steal. 
I build this elephant from only one steal thread, inspired by Picasso’s drawings of animals only using one line. 



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Our final assignment in the class Photography was a typology. we were asked to chose a motive and photograph 6-30 pictures of the same motive but different places. 
What do you think? 


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Building DSCF1087 Building2 DSCF1123


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In one week I got the answer from the University in Oslo (my dream university) and the college in Israel (my plan B, in case I didn’t get accepted in Oslo). And the answer were that I didn’t get accepted in Oslo, but in Israel. For the next weeks I spent the time thinking about pro’s and con’s, to stay or to leave. But in the end I took the chance to move to another country. After all, I did have family there and knew the culture . I got accepted at a college in Israel, studying Interior architecture.
My first project was in Photography. Both for the teacher to see our abilities in photography and for the students to get to know each other we were asked to photograph one photo that described us in a traditional way, and one in a personal way.
Here is my photos: traditionalpersonal What do you think?

Application for University

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The time had come for me to application for being accepted at universities.
My dream has always been to go to the Art University in my town. My Grandfather was a professor there, and it is also the only Art university in my town.

Assignment 1: Draw a technical drawing of a bicycle


Assignment 2: Draw a situation of a space, that includes people, that
1) stresses you out, and 2) calms you down.



Assignment 3: design and build a bridge



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what’s your intimate zone?

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